Fundraising Events

Candlelight for a Cause 2021
Light up the Night-December 11

As we celebrate 66 years of service to our South Suburban community and charities, 2021 will unfortunately be the second year we will not hold our Annual Candlelight Ball due to Covid-19. We are concerned with the health and well being of you, along with our members, in a large group setting as we approach this winter. 

We hope you find it in your heart to continue to support those most in need in our community by making a fully tax deductible Patron Donation. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by the charities we support in the community. 

single luminary.jpg

With a Patron donation, you will receive a gift of luminaires to "Light Up the Night". We ask that you display them at your home on the night of December 11th, then take a drive through town to see the "lights" supporting Flossmoor Service League and all our local charities. 

Luminaries will be delivered to local addresses before Dec. 11th.

Other Events

Stay tuned for information on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and our Spring Fundraising Event.